06 Jul 2021

Design Tricks That Make Small Bathroom Feel Much Bigger

Design Tricks That Make Small Bathroom Feel Much Bigger

Whether it's a tiny powder room or a shower stall that's basically on top of the toilet (been there!), a small bathroom can make those morning and evening routines a lot less glamorous, and, more importantly, less efficient. But before you toss in the towel and call a broker to help you find a new place, hear us out—you just need some strategic styling tips to make small bathrooms look as good and work as hard as their larger counterparts. And you're in the right place because we've got over thirty easy storage and styling solutions that'll make you forget how small your bathroom actually is.

Use Tile to Your Adventage

If you're not ready to part with neutrals, bring thoughtful pops of color into the mix. An accent wall or bold accessories can add visual interest to your space in an instant.

Use Unique Materials in Monochrome

In this bathroom by Tamsin Johnson Interiors, the stone surfaces, classic striped towels, sculptural sconce, and round mirror prove that minimalism can have edge. And the easy-go-ing, grayscale elegance is proof that taking a minimalist approach can result in a unique and quirky space without overpowering the eye

Use a big mirror

A wall-to-wall mirror is a guaranteed way to create the illusion of spaciousness. De-signed by Elizabeth Cooper, the bathroom boasts an open and airy vibe despite not getting ample natural light. that's thanks to the light color scheme and sweet wallpaper.

source: housebeautiful.com